what day is it?

I’m so confused. Today feels like a Friday. And that’s not a good feeling for a Monday.

Unlike many of my coworkers, I logged a half-day of work the day after Thanksgiving. That felt like a Monday. I don’t know why.

Saturday was Saturday-like. We went to the Home Depot workshop, bought groceries, and went to the library. Saturday stuff.

Sunday was mostly Sunday-like but Thanksgiving felt like a Sunday, too. I didn’t go to work. My husband didn’t go to work. Philip didn’t go to school.

Philip hasn’t been at school since early dismissal on Wednesday. I think this is adding to my confusion. Philip has been going to work with me. That doesn’t happen with enough frequency to associate it with a particular day of the week. But it does happen enough to know that I can’t actually put in a full day which is why we were both home by noon today. Which is Monday.

My husband went to work. That’s Monday-like. So why doesn’t it feel like Monday?

The only reason I know it’s Monday. Visit #MicroblogMondays 170


It’s day 27! Although that doesn’t help me figure out what day of the week it is.


3 thoughts on “what day is it?

  1. I used to hate it when I was confused about which day of the week it was. And the sad thing is that once I retired, many of my familiar day-of-the-week markers were missing and my confusion grew!


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