here be dragons – wearing Santa hats?!

See this lovely photo of Philip with Santa Claus?

That was from last year but it looks a bit like the one I took this morning (but can’t upload). Santa is standing and Philip is looking away. He was thoroughly distracted by a dragon. No, really. Home Depot is selling an 11-foot animated inflatable kaleidoscope dragon with a Santa hat. The wings move up and down which is what caught Philip’s attention.

I was explaining all of this to Peter when I showed him the photos I took at this morning’s post-Thanksgiving workshop. Wanting to indulge Philip, Peter asked, “How much?”

“$139.00,” I replied.

Peter responded with an expletive.

So, there will be no dragons at our house. But you can check them out for free at your local Home Depot.


Day 25!


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