Fitness Friday: I stretched my steps!

Last week I declared that I was going to undertake a “pursuit” offered through my insurance company. The challenge was to log 75,000 steps in a week.

After publishing, I did the math and immediately experienced blogger’s remorse. To complete the pursuit, I would need an average of 10,715 steps per day. Considering I’ve just started logging 9,200+ steps a day, I was worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew. And chewing too much and walking too little is what got me in my current condition.

I’m happy to report that my worries were for naught. I ended up with a total of 78,939 steps.
It helped knowing I would have to report out my results here, especially when it was looking like I was going to fall short yesterday. Then I remembered the comment left by Kathleen, my friend and former co-worker who blogs at

I’m with you on this! 75000 this next seven days…this summer at the North Rim I got over 100,000 per week but I’m slacking again and suffering mentally and physically from my lack of motivation. You didn’t offer this post as a challenge, but I’m taking it as one!!

Between that comment and the 100,000+ 7-day step count of FitBit friend Stacie (of Stacie’s snapshots & tidbits) I knew I needed to keep moving.

Yesterday was the hardest since it was Thanksgiving. But not in the way one would expect. It wasn’t about over-indulging. We stayed home and just ate a simple meal of scrambled eggs and toast. The problem wasn’t food but the change in routine. No walking while waiting for the bus. No trips up and down the stairs at work. Heck, I had done my vacuuming and laundry on Wednesday. Why did I need to move?

I had to remind myself that there was no good excuse for not getting at least 10,000 steps. So I took the dog for a long walk. Later, I took Philip for a walk. I ended up with 10,859 steps by the end of the day.

What’s next? Well, I think 75,000 steps is a good goal to maintain. I definitely have more energy now that I am moving more again. But I also need to focus on my eating habits. My friend Heidi, the one who has been holding me accountable to my steps from the start, asked if my clothes were fitting better. Nope. I may be walking more, but I haven’t tackled my calorie intake. Not just the number of calories but the kinds of calories.

More on that next week.


Day 24!




6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: I stretched my steps!

  1. Although I am reading this well after the event, I want to express my congratulations, that’s a lot of steps in anyone’s book and even better that you smashed the goal that you set out to beat! 🙂


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