well, mow me down

In Ohio in late November, 47 degrees is practically balmy so I donned a knit hat but left my coat unzipped as I took the dog out for his evening constitutional. Regardless of the weather, 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time is dark, especially when the moon is obscured by clouds gathering to deliver a rain/snow mix in a few hours. That’s why I had my mini-flashlight handy to clean up after Roscoe.
And the darkness explains why my neighbor turned on his lawn mower’s headlights. I guess he thought he better mow his yard before the wintry mix arrives later tonight. Not me. I don’t care how relatively warm it is. I’m not mowing my dormant lawn in the dark.


Day 21. Thanks, neighbor, for giving me something to blog about. 

2 thoughts on “well, mow me down

  1. I’d be worried that I’d run over something in the dark with my mower, so I wouldn’t do it for a million bucks. But I don’t have a mower. Or a lawn to mow. So a moot point but I support your principles all the same 🙂


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