mouse trap

Good news: With the help of a YouTube video, I figured out how to bait and set a mouse trap all by myself.

Bad news: I had to set a mouse trap.

Better news: The trap worked.

Best news: Since I surprised my husband by making (edible) stuffed cabbage, I convinced him that he should dispose of the used trap.


Day 20!

#MicroblogMondays 169

5 thoughts on “mouse trap

  1. Lol Boy can I relate to that! We had a mouse that managed to escape a couple of traps that we set for it. In the end it jumped back up through the hole that it came in from and we sealed up the hole to stop it coming back into the kitchen. Hopefully the neighbours cats have taken care of business. Having said that if I could have caught it humanely then I would have loved to have turned it into a pet but I think that is just wishful thinking now it is gone.


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