Fitness Friday: stretching my steps

Twelve days in a row.

That’s my current streak of meeting or exceeding my daily step goal of 9,240 steps. My seven-day average was 10,598 steps/day. My 28-day average is now 10,022 steps/day, a 17% increase over the previous 28 days.

This means I met my goal of increasing my average steps per day by 10% over the last month.

What’s next? Well, through my insurance company, I can sign up for “pursuits.” These are week-long challenges related to wellness activities like measuring blood glucose, sleep, blood pressure, and food intake. I’ve been trying the walking pursuits. Logging 40,000 steps in seven days was too easy. But the “Stretch Your Steps” challenge to log 75,000 in seven days has eluded me. Last week, however, I was only 987 steps shy of the goal.

So, I’m starting that pursuit again today and hope to report back next Friday that I hit the goal.

NanoPoblano 2017

Day 17!


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: stretching my steps

  1. I’m with you on this! 75000 this next seven days…this summer at the North Rim I got over 100.000 per week but I’m slacking again and suffering mentally and physically from my lack of motivation. You didn’t offer this post as a challenge, but I’m taking it as one!!

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  2. Thank you for finding me again. I saw that you had liked a couple of my posts and thought how glad I was to see your name. I don’t know how I lost track of your blog and quit reading it. I suspect it happened a few years ago when I had some computer/Wordpress problems combined with a temporary health issues. So I spent some time browsing your posts this morning and remembering how open and honest you are about your life and how fluently you write. i chose to respond here, because I, too, have been working on my steps and trying to increase my goal, and I know the determination — and time!— doing so takes. I admire what you are doing. And I will visit with you again soon.


    1. Thanks for visiting. I stopped blogging and reading other blogs for several months which is probably why you lost track of me. I’ve enjoyed re-discovering blogs like yours.


  3. I’ve not heard of the “pursuits” challenges relating to wellness before. I’m intrigued about them, particularly since in order to motivate myself to exercise I would need to have clear goals to achieve, along with incentives to do them. I must investigate further. Well done for doing all of those steps, it can’t be easy but must be great for your health in the long run 🙂


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