I made meatloaf yesterday. We grabbed some from the hot deli counter at the grocery store a few weeks ago and my husband has been asking why I don’t make one myself ever since. For some reason, I thought he hadn’t liked the last meatloaf I made so I never bothered to make one again. He is a picky eater after all. Yet I can’t recall when I made this rejected meatloaf so I might have imagined the whole incident.

The meal was a success. I found an easy recipe online and didn’t over or undercook the thing. Peter was turning up his nose as I made the topping by combining a bit of brown sugar with the catsup. But he ate it. And now there are leftovers, so I hope he is prepared to eat it again tonight.

My confidence has increased enough that I might attempt stuffed cabbage in the future.

Have you had a recent kitchen success? 


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8 thoughts on “meatloaf

  1. I’ve never had meatloaf before! You know, when I was married my ex used to cook better than I could. I could cook..but it wasn’t that “great”. And he would comment on that. So, after some time, I gave up him to do it..haha! I’m glad you are gaining your confidence back 🙂


  2. I love meatloaf! One of my specialties and I now have it consistent from one loaf to the next. My daughter likes when I make it too. I recently tried several recipes with pumpkin squash (the kind you use to make pumpkin pie) and some were good, some were throw away. The Ginger Pumpkin Pancakes were a huge hit though. I used fresh pureed ginger instead of powder, which gave them a sweet and slightly spicy taste.


  3. Lately I’ve realised I’m really in a rut in the kitchen, cooking the same things all the time. I need to branch out. Well done on trying something different and having it turn out a success!

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  4. I’ve never tried making my own meatloaf, I will have to give it a try, it is not something that crops up regularly in the UK. I enjoy doing a lot of Chinese cookery with pastes and spices. I’m definitely finding that practice makes perfect and I’m doing things that I used to have trouble with but they are getting easier and I’m making them to a level that pleases me and my tastebuds 🙂 I need to bake more cakes, that to me is the fun stuff that always goes down well with both me and everyone else.


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