Raingutter Regatta 2017

This afternoon, Philip participated in his Cub Scout pack’s annual Raingutter Regatta. When we returned home with his boat Peter asked, “How did he place?” Considering that Philip lost twice in the double elimination bracket, I guess last place is accurate.

Philip doesn’t care about that. He would rather play in the water and chew on the straw than blow air against the plastic sail. He had fun assembling and painting without a care for aerodynamics or perfect color. And when he didn’t get a ribbon, he didn’t cry.

Actually, that sounds like a first place finish in my book.


Day 12!



3 thoughts on “Raingutter Regatta 2017

  1. Sounds like first place in my book too. A very honourable attitude to have, he played the game, enjoyed himself and was a really good sport about it. That is what being a Cub Scout is all about 🙂


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