A coworker has a word of the day calendar on her desk.

“Brouhaha,” I read aloud with a chuckle. It seemed apropos of how the morning was going.

“Wait,” she said. “Look at this word from the other day.” She had saved the page from November 6 and taped it above her desk.


1mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state

Despite experiencing a state of weltschmerz here at work, the aptness of the word made us laugh and laugh.


NanoPoblano 2017

Day 8!

2 thoughts on “Weltschmerz

  1. Brouhaha is actually one of my favourite words. I love how it sounds and feels, it also makes me laugh when I hear it or say it. Weltschmerz sounds like a German person is telling someone in German to just well, smirk! Or telling them to schmooze their way into somewhere, perhaps a party they were not invited to 🙂


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