No filter

My boss, Connie, brought her daughter, Sophie, to work today. Sophie’s school was closed due to a power outage.

When Connie let me know Sophie would be joining us for the day, I cleared off a vacant desk and then told myself, No swearing.

I used to have a great filter. I taught elementary children for six years and never once swore in front of them. Working in higher education, I don’t have to worry about little ears.

Which is why I was glad Sophie was engrossed in her computer math game when I dropped an F-bomb this morning. Looks like my filter is out of practice.


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5 thoughts on “No filter

  1. That’s funny! When I tell myself “no swearing” or “don’t say Oh God” or something like that, I am guaranteed to put my foot in it. So I think you did pretty well.


  2. Lol I think we lament how children are slaves to technology nowadays but this is precisely when this can be a very handy situation. F-bombs can sneak up on you and before you know it one goes off and you have to check for survivors. The only way I can stop myself is to replace the word with “Fudge/Fudging Butter!”, “Flip!” or “Fricken’ Idiot!” if I want to sound like Dr Evil from Austin Powers.


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