Get a clue

Philip has a cold that I hope won’t blossom into a sinus infection. I’m also worried that the congestion could morph into an ear infection.

On this week’s visit to the library, Philip was tearful. He dropped the DVDs he had picked out because he wanted to cover his ears. He cried during checkout, still pressing his hands to his ears.

During his post-library routine, Philip sets the DVDs out side-by-side on our coffee table. He picks one and watches it. When that one is done, he stacks them all and puts them on the kitchen counter between the toaster and bread box. He never watches them again.

Since he was upset at the library, I knew any disruption to this routine would bring on tears. Crying would evolve into coughing. I wanted to avoid that.

That’s why Peter and I were subjected to a (hopefully) forgettable Disney original movie featuring Lindsay Lohan: Get a Clue. What an asinine movie. That was ninety minutes of my life I will never get back.

But at least Philip didn’t cry.
NanoPoblano 2017

Day 4!


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