The return of Fitness Friday

Not only did I stop blogging for six months, I also stopped taking care of myself. Are the two related? Probably.

Except for inconsistently swimming this summer, my exercise routine went out the window. I gradually began walking less and less gradually began eating horribly. The consequence of this was I now weigh the same as I did before giving birth to Philip. And after nine years, I have no maternity clothes left. My regular pants are not forgiving.

I need to change many, many habits to fix this. For now, I’m starting with one thing. That’s why I contacted my best friend last month. She agreed to hold me accountable for increasing my average steps per day by 10% over the previous four-week average. That works out to 9,240 steps per day.

The first week went great. This past week? Not so much. So I’m enlisting you, my blog readers, as additional partners in accountability.

So, while you are reading this post, I’m hopefully out taking a walk or desperately marching in place before bed to hit goal rather than sitting on my ass.

NanoPoblano 2017

Day 3!


6 thoughts on “The return of Fitness Friday

  1. So, did you make it??
    And, what I’m learning is consistency really matters. So, even though I don’t feel like it, I keep talking to myself to just get it done..and when I reaaaaally don’t feel like it I still get some exercise done…but not the full thing. As long as I keep at it everyday, I’ll be “safe”, if that makes sense?

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  2. I agree with Shree, consistency is the key, along with with replacing bad habits with good ones (or distracting yourself long enough with something shiny to forget to do the bad habit in the first place!) 🙂


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