I’m pathetic

Sometimes a bruise will appear and I’m puzzled. How did that happen? I’ll ponder. Then there are times I predict, “That will leave a mark,” yet none will pop up.

Then there are the times like yesterday. I banged my knee on the tailgate of our truck. “I’m going to have a bruise there,” I pronounced. And when the purple mark developed I was perversely proud.

4 thoughts on “I’m pathetic

    1. But, after I left your site I got thinking and returned. Being hard to bruise sometimes makes me insensitive to those I know who bruise easy 😦 I don’t acknowledge how much they’re banged shin hurt because they get a black mark from a tap. I’m going work on my attitude 🙂


  1. Great post and got me to thinking of the unseen bruises in life. The ones caused by words of other who are not so kind. Being aware of what we say and do can save others a great deal of discomfort and at times very visible bruises…



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