In the last six years at work, I’ve relied on virtual calendars. When a vendor dropped off wall calendars before the start of the new year, I didn’t think I needed an old-fashioned paper calendar. Nevertheless, I hung the calendar on the bulletin board beside my desk.

While having the full month on display along with thumbnails of the preceding and following months has been handy, I still didn’t find the calendar particularly useful. Well, not until the day one coworker asked another, “Are you sure it was your blood?”

Before we stopped laughing, I had a moment of inspiration: I could use my wall calendar to capture the quote of the day.

I’ve been sporadically capturing the more amusing things my coworkers say. The squares of April had been blank until today. My department is using a new online platform for a project. This site allows followers. My office mate had just logged on when she exclaimed, “Ooh! Someone is following me.” She was a bit disappointment to discover it was just another colleague. But she bounced back, declaring, “He should be following me. I’m a fucking legend.”

Before I could finish laughing, I unpinned the calendar and wrote that down.

Today, I feel jovial. I’m blogging my emotions as part of the #AtoZChallenge. 

2 thoughts on “jovial

  1. I’d write that one down too! That’s good. Best line I ever heard a co-worker say was “Rob Peter to pay Paul, but what about Bob? No one ever gives Bob any love!”


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