Fitness Friday: feckless

Bad habits are hard to break while good habits are hard to build.

I know which habits keep me from being fit. Blogging about health and wellness every Friday was a way to keep myself accountable, to remind me of the ways I could be living a happier, healthier, and fuller life. That’s why no matter what, I was posting every Friday.

Until last month.

It seems like a sign from the universe that the letter for today’s Blogging from A to Z is F. F as in fitness. F as in Friday. But today I feel feckless. 2017 has been rough. The whole family got sick in January. It took until February for antibiotics to beat out most of the infection but I had a lingering cough for the rest of the month.

The cough went away but then I noticed my side was sore. I chalked it up to bad posture. Then the cough came back and the pain in my side worsened. In March I was back to the doctor to be diagnosed with costochondritis. That’s when the cartilage in ribs get irritated. So I was prescribed a pill to lessen my cough and told to take Ibuprofen for the pain.

That worked until I got a stomach bug. Not only could I not keep down food, water, or the medicine for the cough, throwing up aggravated the costochondritis.

As you can imagine, I just didn’t give a fuck about Fitness Friday.

The nausea finally passed. The cough was gone. April arrived and I thought I would finally have a month where I was healthy.

“Ha!” said the universe. “Not so fast!”

Early this week, I began experiencing nasal congestion. I’ve been sneezing and sniffling since. Today, I couldn’t breath through my nose.

So, yeah, I’m feeling feckless. But I’m going to salvage what I can and post on Fitness Friday. And I’m going to do my best to post again next Friday and the one after that. Let’s face it: the universe may be fickle but I can’t afford to be.

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