“What time did you wake up today?” I asked my husband this morning as I got ready for work. His sleep patterns have been off for the past few weeks.

“About a quarter to three,” he replied. “You were snoring in my ear.”

I’ll admit I’ve been stuffed up for the past few nights either due to seasonal allergies or because I have another cold. Still, I rolled my eyes.

“Gee, I wouldn’t have any idea what that’s like.”

Out of hundreds of nights sharing a bed with my husband, last night it was MY snoring that prevented one of us from sleeping.

I’m feeling expansive. I’ll ignore the nights I slept in the guest room to escape the sound sawing logs. I’ll call us even.

4 thoughts on “even

  1. Been there. Only took me 14 years to finally get a sleep study done and go “darth vadar” with a CPAP. My wife described my snoring as two logs, with embedded nails sticking out, rubbing together. Often said that if we lived in California, my snoring would trigger an earthquake. I don’t snore anymore, she does. 🙂


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