Tonight, I’m grumpy. I’m having technical issues on our home computer that I have been unable to troubleshoot on my. Now I have to wait on technical support.

I’m tired. Either I’m suffering from seasonal allergies or I’m getting yet another cold. My nose was so stuffed up last night that I was awakened for several hours. I’ve been sneezing and sniffling throughout the day, so I don’t hold out hope for a restful night.

Of course, I’m not going to bed yet even though Philip just fell asleep. A thunderstorm is rolling through, one loud enough that our nearly deaf dog can hear. And he doesn’t like thunderstorms. I’ll need to stay awake to pet and reassure him.

The best word to describe me right now is disagreeable. I suppose the upside is that all the humans in the house are asleep. I don’t have to worry about whether they agree with me or not.

2 thoughts on “disagreeable

  1. I can relate. It’s odd how computers and other new age electronic devices, which supposedly make our life easier, can also frustrate us like nothing else.


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