bruised but baffled

I lifted my right arm to apply deodorant and spotted it: a cluster of bruises on the flab of my upper arm. Each bruise is no wider than a pencil’s eraser. Three are grouped together while a fourth is located two inches away.

Hmm. How did THAT happen? I wonder.

The small bruises don’t hurt. I have no idea when they first appeared or what caused them. If I ran into something, you would think a single, larger bruise would have developed. My left arm is bruise-free, so the cause was asymmetrical.

I often discover bruises of unknown origin on my body. Usually they are in logical places: on my shin just where I might have collided with the bed frame; on my knee where I’ve bumped into my desk; on my forearm when I’ve probably knocked it on the counter.

These small bruises have me baffled. I can only guess that a bogeyman has been pinching me as I sleep.


This April, I’m blogging from A to Z. Today’s post is B as in baffled. And bruises. And bogeyman. I’m also joining up with MicroblogMondays #136

2 thoughts on “bruised but baffled

  1. yeah, several people in my family- my son & Cimmy, mostly- seem to wind up with a few bruises of unknown origin.

    Thanks for connecting on Twitter. It’s been a rough place, lately; I’ve had to protect my tweets, too.


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