Fitness Friday: bad guys

As part of the SuperBetter program, where the players are known as heroes, one is challenged to identify the Bad Guys who prevent you from achieving your goals. For added fun, one is asked to give these Bad Guys names as campy as the best comic book villains. The online version of the game offers up some of the more common bad guys.

When I saw “Federation of Fat” on the list, I knew I was seeing an enemy. One of my weaknesses is fast food. I often grabbed some on my way to work after rushing around to get ready in the morning.

But I delved deeper into what is really causing the problem. It’s not that I can’t live without an egg and cheese biscuit every morning, as tasty as I may find it. It is that I procrastinate. I fail to get ready the night before and find myself pressed for time in the morning.

I’ve added “Procrastination” to my bad guy list, but I could use my readers’ help. I’m stuck for a name for this nefarious baddie. Please leave your suggestions in the comments.


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