Fitness Friday: pushing the reset button

Last week I wrote about SuperBetter quests. Quests are challenges that build the resiliency needed to experience growth. As in a well designed game, good quests start out easy and then increase in difficulty as one’s skills develop.

I started SuperBetter last October. As you can imagine, I had moved beyond the introductory quests and was encountering more elaborate tasks. Then I got sick and put SuperBetter on hold. That’s why I jokingly wrote last week that I felt like I had used all my game lives and needed to restart.

My joke got me thinking. Is it possible to start over in SuperBetter? It turns out you can! The online game let’s you choose Power Packs. These packs include quests as well as Power-ups to complete and Bad Guys to battle (more on these in the future). I clicked on my chosen Power Packs and selected the restart option.

Not only did I get a do-over online, I also began re-reading the SuperBetter book. I was 80% through when I returned it to the library in December. I checked it back out a few weeks ago but it sat neglected while I was sick. I turned to page one last night and began re-reading.

Second chances are wonderful things. I’m going to take advantage of this one.


What do you have to say about that?

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