When all you need to do is a jot a line or two, procrastination doesn’t seem risky. I’ll write a quick blog post before bed, I told myself on Wednesday night. By then, Philip would be asleep instead of using my computer and my husband would be at work. I would be able to write uninterrupted.

But then the power went out. And came back on. Then the lights dimmed once, twice before everything electric resumed humming and running once more.

The loss of power meant that our wireless router needed to reboot. I gave it a few minutes but the icons continued to flash. I called my internet provider.

“There is an outage in your area . . .” the recorded voice informed me.

I turned off the computer. Nothing upsets Philip more than trying to access one of his internet bookmarks and getting the “There is no internet connection” page instead. With that crisis averted, I just needed to distract him from the TV. We stream everything. He kept handing me the remote. He cried the first time I said, “I’m sorry. We don’t have internet.” I turned on the DVD player instead.

He handed me the remote a few more times but took it in stride when I repeated that it was a no go. He surprised me by falling asleep at his usual time just without the TV as white noise.

I have no idea when the outage ended. The wireless router was fully lit when the wind woke me at 3 am. One might have thought I would have written this blog post then, having learned a lesson about procrastination.

Nope. I took my chances again tonight, writing just before bed.


Day 12 of Just Jot It January

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