Black eyed P – again

When my rang on Monday morning and the caller ID showed my son’s school, I groaned. It was Nurse Donna. Philip had been spinning on a chair, leaned forward, and smacked his face into a desk.

“There’s a purple mark. It might develop into a black eye,” the nurse explained. She reported no tears which I took as a good sign. I thanked her for warning me. No one wants their child to step off the school bus sporting an unexplained bruise.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about a black eye. In addition to the shiner that Philip gave me one Thanksgiving, I chronicled two other instances when Philip received black eyes, including the one shown below. I’m amazed the accidents occurred almost seven years ago. With his daredevil demeanor, I would have expected more black eyes in the intervening years.

Knock wood.


Day 10 of Just Jot It January

“Black eyed P”

originally published March 10, 2010

On Friday night, while racing around the living room, Philip tripped and fell face-first onto his toy train. He scraped his forehead and ended up with a cut beside his left eye and a bruise on the eyelid. Is it creepy that I’ve been taking pictures? Probably. My morbid curiosity wanted to see how the injury would change.

I took several photos Saturday morning while he was eating in his high chair.

I took another on Sunday in which you can see some minor swelling.

On Monday, it was apparent that the scrape the forehead was fading. Yesterday, the scab fell off the cut and the boo-boo was clearing up nicely.

Today, you can see the yellowing bruise on his forehead.

3 thoughts on “Black eyed P – again

  1. We have definitely had calls like that.
    “Mrs V we’ve told him not to slide down the banister because he’d hurt himself.
    Let me guess, he slid down the banister and hurt himself.
    Well he gets no sympathy from me! He shouldn’t have slid down the banister!


    We’ve warned him not to swing on his chair….


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