Weekend Coffee Share: cravings

If we were having coffee, I’d add two heaping spoonfuls of sugar into my over-sized mug. I’d pour in milk until I feared the cup would overflow. I’d grab the package of Oreos that are stashed on the top shelf of the pantry, out of reach of my son who eats the filling and throws the cookie on the floor for the dog.

If we were having coffee, I’d dunk the Oreos into my mug, letting the cream melt slightly and allowing the cookie to soften without becoming a gloppy mess. Then I’d eat them. And probably not in a polite manner. I am craving cookies dipped in hot, sweet, milky coffee, I would devour them.

If we were having coffee . . . on second thought, you have coffee. I’m going to stick with a glass of water.




6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: cravings

  1. Not a big fan of either coffee or oreos, but hot chocolate and bourbon biscuits I could go with πŸ™‚ Are you giving up everything you enjoy eating and drinking?


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