Fitness Friday: winter shutdown

As of tomorrow, my employer is closed for winter shutdown. I report back to work on January 3.
I always make big plans when I have a few days off from work in a row. I don’t mean big travel or vacation plans. I mean ambitious fitness plans.

“I’m going to take a long walk every morning and try a few new exercise videos. I’m going to prepare a healthy breakfast, eat a fiber-filled lunch, and drink water instead of snacking. I’ll sleep in so I have plenty of energy, too!”

These attempts at early new year’s resolutions inevitably fail. The first thing that goes wrong is the sleep. Philip either stays up late or gets up early or both. Suddenly, I’m too tired to take that long walk with the dog or else the weather conditions are so cold and nasty it’s unsafe to stay outside. Between my husband and son, I never get the use of the computer or TV to do workout videos. And eating healthy? I usually end up skipping meals and then binging when I finally do get to eat.

This year, I’m not setting those unrealistic goals. When I went to the library yesterday, I skipped the fitness DVDs. When I went grocery shopping this morning, I made sure I stocked up my pantry with nutritious options but I didn’t go overboard by purchasing vegetables that will never get prepared or fruits that will mold.

This winter shutdown, I’m thinking small. I’m working on making one or two healthy choices a day. I’m assuming that my time won’t be mine own but, when it is, I will do something that is good for my body and mind.

With Christmas just two days away, I’m giving myself the gift of realistic expectations.

Do you use vacation days to get healthy or to indulge? 




4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: winter shutdown

  1. Always think I will be healthy, then indulge! Trying the simpler option like you this time, making a few healthy choices a day – yesterday it was portion control for Christmas diner and drinking tonic water with it, then having wine after 8pm and then just two glasses?


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