Fitness Friday: tis the season

Tonight, our neighbor hosted a holiday block party. We missed last year’s get-together because I didn’t see the invitation stuck in our front door until a few days after. This year, Jackie knocked on the door and rang the doorbell twice when she dropped off the party invite.

“I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass,” she said. “I just wanted to make sure you saw this.”

The party was still going strong when I bid my neighbors farewell for the second time. The first time, I had to escort my date, Philip, home. I returned for another forty-five minutes, leaving during a break in a fierce game of charades. I unwrapped my white elephant gift (I see re-gifting in my future) then came home to give Philip his bath.

There were a variety of tasty foods and drinks. I’ll be attending at least two more parties this holiday season when more delicacies will be on hand to tempt me.

In the past, I would prepare for such parties by cutting back. I might skip breakfast before a holiday lunch or avoid a midday meal before an evening feast. Unfortunately, this wasn’t necessarily a strategy to control calorie intake. No, I did this so I could eat more.

And eat more I did. Just a little bit of everything quickly adds up on one’s plate. Since I would arrive hungry, I wasn’t a good judge of portions. I would eat so fast that I would miss the signals that my stomach was full. Instead of enjoying the delicacies on hand, I would just end up bloated on food and regret.

Today, I made sure I ate my regular meals. I made sure I stayed hydrated so I wouldn’t confuse thirst with hunger. This evening, I reminded myself I did not have to sample everything. I made sure I had fresh veggies on my plate. Instead of trying every dessert offered, I picked one (pumpkin roll!) to indulge in.

When I left the party, it wasn’t so I could go home to unbutton my pants. It was just time to get Philip to bed. Sure, it was also nice to slip into my sweatpants, but at least I wasn’t slipping into a food coma.

Do you find it hard to eat healthy during the holidays? 


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