I shopped on Thanksgiving and I won’t apologize for it

I know some people are morally opposed to shopping on Thanksgiving Day. I’m not one of those people.

As someone with family, um, complications, I spent a quiet day at home with just my husband and son. The latter was getting into things all morning. After our holiday luncheon, I walked with Philip in the drizzle to the community playground. He jumped in every single puddle on the way there and back. His feet squished inside his rain boots and water dripped from his hat.

It was too cold to let him stay outside in soaking wet clothes, so we returned to the house. He resumed jumping on the bed, racing up and down the hallway, and splashing in the sink. And the dog’s water dish.

That’s why we went shopping today. It was a diversion. Philip could look at the books and toys while I stocked up on some essentials at the drugstore. When I realized that the dollar store was also open, we stopped there to pick up some fidgets for Philip.

So maybe I do feel sorry for the employees that are working today. Maybe they are missing family gatherings. Maybe they’d rather be at home watching the Macy’s parade or the football games or some holiday tearjerker on the Hallmark Channel. But I hope they know that they are providing a valuable service. I’m not talking about helping the bargain hunters spend a few dollars less on a bunch of stuff in advance of the Black Friday hordes. I’m talking about helping people who are otherwise alone on the holiday. Or the people who wish they were alone and can only escape by a quick trip to the store. I’m talking about the opportunity they offer to parents like me trying to help a child adjust to a change in routine.

So today, I’m thankful that those stores were open. They provided some entertainment for an energetic boy and some relief for his mom.


The slinky I bought for Philip at the dollar store.


The same slinky twenty minutes after we got home


Day 24. Happy Thanksgiving!



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