a traves-tea

I refill my mug with tap water – twenty ounces. I take the Lipton tea bag from last night and dip it in the water – once, twice. I ponder if I should throw away the tea bag.

Not yet.

I have some wonderful coworkers, but they are tea snobs. They hold lengthy conversations about styles and flavors of tea. They share loose leaf teas they have discovered. They discuss the merits of this tea ball and that brew basket. They all chipped in to purchase an electric kettle for the office. Not a simple on/off one like I use at home. This one has temperature settings depending on what type of tea you want to brew. It has a warming feature so you don’t commit the sin of reboiling water.

I thought of them as I reused my teabag. The water wasn’t even hot. I was simply changing its color. Even when I do brew tea in the evenings, I make my husband’s first. A friend told me that this reduces the amount of caffeine. That’s one goal but the other is that I don’t like strong tea.

I look at the teabag once more. It has dutifully dyed at least three large mugs since steeping in my husband’s cup.

There’s more where you came from. 

I toss it in the trash.

Day 21 of NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano and MicroblogMondays #117


One thought on “a traves-tea

  1. As long as you like your tea the way it is, let those snobs have their overly complicated kettles! 😀 Also, I believe you’re correct about it reducing the caffeine. At one point, I was weaning myself off coffee (and eventually caffeine) with black tea seeped for no more than 60 seconds. I don’t remember where that number came from, and I’ve since gone back to my old caffeine-imbibing ways.


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