Sunday Slideshow: gale warning

On Friday, I was strolling around campus without a coat. I drove home with the windows down. On Saturday, it snowed.

I was expecting the drastic temperature drop. I had checked the weather so I knew how to dress Philip for school and myself for work. I saw that the high was only going to be 38 degrees today. I also saw the gale warning.

Gale warning? What’s a gale warning? I thought.

Okay, so I’ve heard of gale force winds but usually we just get a “high wind warning.” I’ve been obsessed with the wind forecast ever since we moved into our house. We started losing shingles to wind within weeks of buying the house. We would retrieve what we could so that Peter could nail them back in place. But the sound of the wind rattling the gutters, whistling through the siding, and making shingles flap would keep me awake at night.

For a few days in April, however, we experienced high temperatures and clear weather like this past Thursday and Friday. Peter and I (but mostly Peter) installed new shingles on the roof. Now I don’t check the weather forecast each hour waiting for the winds to go down below 10 miles per hour. And a gale warning doesn’t keep me awake at night either.

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Day 20!

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