Growing grass moon?

I’ve been on a kick this past year of learning the names of full moons. I never paid attention to their monikers in the past. I didn’t even know they had names but now I enjoy learning them.

Since I’ve been unaware of moon names until recently, it should not be surprising that I was also oblivious to the fact that the names I’ve been learning only work in the northern hemisphere.

Mali of No Kidding in NZ reminded me that the moon doesn’t revolve around me. Or, at least not me alone. When I published “dying grass moon,” she left the following comment:

Hmmm. I guess here on the other side of the planet (or ocean, at least) it would be the growing grass moon?

Her question prompted me to Google an answer. Different cultures call the moon by different names that reflect the seasons. So while the grass is dying in the northern hemisphere, life on the other side of the equator is on the verge of renewal. I discovered these October moon names from the southern hemisphere: Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Seed Moon, Pink Moon, Waking Moon.

So a big thank you to Mali for piquing my curiosity, inspiring me to learn something new, and reminding me the Earth is a big planet with many people and cultures. I’ve chosen her question as my October 2016 Comment of the Month. Her words will be featured on my Couldn’t have said it better page. Visit her infertility blog or one of her travel blogs or her everyday life blog, A Separate Life.


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