Every fall I think it will be different. Oh boy, I muse, falling back is going to be a lifesaver. Philip will go to bed earlier and I’ll be able to wake up earlier to walk the dog and life will be fantastic! Yes, every year, the end of Daylight Saving Time catches me feeling optimistic. Not even cautiously optimistic. Full on euphoric. I forget that it isn’t the staying up late that’s the problem. It’s the not staying asleep that is.

Not only did I find myself awake early Sunday morning, I confused myself by contemplating the old and new time. You know, thinking, This is the old 2:30 am. Or is it the old 3:30? as if it matters what the equivalent savings time was once we resume standard time. Either hour is not the time that I want to be awake thinking about anything, especially the meaning of time, the politics of DST, or any other subject except zzzzzzz.

I think not.

I think not.

But, in case you were wondering, Philip fell asleep at the new 9:30 pm EST (old 10:30 pm EDT) last night and then awoke at the new 4:06 am EST (old 5:06 am EDT). I stayed up with him until my husband awoke at the new 5:30 am EST (old 6:30 am EDT) so I could sleep until the new 6:30 am EST.

If any of you managed to save some time over the past few months, could you send it my way?


It’s Day 7 of NanoPoblano/NaBloPoMo and I basically bitched about this same topic one year ago today. Sharing my kvetching at Mel’s MicroblogMondays for good measure.


5 thoughts on “timeless

  1. DST is stupid. I feel like crap when we spring forward for about a week and I get up at 4am when we fall backward. It would be easier to just throw our hands up and say “It was an interesting experiment, but the people hate it.”


  2. Ha! What a chuckle I got from that last paragraph in particular. If it is any condolence, I work in a hotel and as we know, these suckers open 24/7 so I laughed heartily at my colleague who works overnight and was wide awake watching the clock shift from 3:00am Old Time into the now current 2:00am New Time. As the world snoozed away, he done well some time travelling all by himself.


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