National Sandwich Day

Today, November 3, is National Sandwich Day. If I could snap my fingers and have any sandwich appear in front of me, I’d want a Sundown from Baggin’s in Albuquerque. A Sundown comes with turkey, stuffing, mayo, lettuce and cranberry sauce. It’s a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers any time of year.

I didn’t eat at the gourmet sandwich shop often and I now live too far a way to place an order.

What sandwich would magically appear if you snapped your fingers today?

12 thoughts on “National Sandwich Day

  1. Oh no, you’re making me hungry. I haven’t had a bagel for years. I would get a sundried tomato bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese from Noah’s Bagels! (sigh) It’s gonna be a few years before I can make that happen. Not even sure if Noah’s Bagels is around anymore.


  2. That sounds awesome! We have a place called Muss & Turner’s and my favorite there is the Gobbler. It’s turkey, dressing, mayo and cranberry sauce on a gigantic bun and it’s so delicious. Thanksgiving food is my favorite.

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  3. Any sandwich, this is easy. A Delaware Destroyer from a tiny place just outside Wilmington, Delaware. Half pound burger, two hotdogs sliced in half, onion straws, pepper-jack cheese, cheddar cheese, on a sourdough jalepeno cibatta roll smeared with spicy bbq sauce. It’s an amazing, scary, heart-burn inducing challenge that few survive, lol


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