to tell the tooth

I got a phone call on Thursday that turned out to be a wrong number. When I received a picture message a few minutes later from a number with the same area code, I thought the same guy had repeated his mistake.


On my small flip phone display, it wasn’t obvious at first what I was looking at. Also, I missed the accompanying text message:

Woohoo! Came out about 9:30 this morning. The aide caught it right before he tried eating it.

Ah, yes. Then I understood what I was seeing. The lower tooth that has been loose and distracting Philip all week finally came out. It’s the first one he’s lost.

And he lost it twice. When I opened his backpack that evening, the red treasure chest was closed in a Ziploc bag. When I opened the chest, it was empty.

I had no plans for leaving it for the Tooth Fairy. Since Philip sleeps on the couch, I figured it would slip between the cushions never to be seen again. I was right about that last part.

I just hope he didn’t actually eat it.



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