dying grass moon

I wonder what you’re called? I thought as I peered up at the full moon. I was grateful for the moonlight as I walked the dog before work. I really need to invest in a headlamp and reflective clothing now that the days are getting shorter. Not only is it hard to clean up after the dog, it’s scary not to be seen by motorists in the morning.

Later in the day, I had a chance to look up the names for the October full moon. I discovered five, one of which is “Dying Grass Moon.” That one makes me melancholy.

Of course, the grass seems quite alive as I move my baggy-covered hand through it in search of dog poop.



15 thoughts on “dying grass moon

  1. I’m not fond of picking up dog poop in the morning, so I make my daughter do it at the house 🙂 I did notice the last few nights that the moon was especially bright. Made for picking up the poop a little easier without having to resort to the mobile phone flashlight.

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  2. I usually try to rmember my phone with the torch app. I used to have a small flashlight. I may get another, but a head lamp would be even better I think. And Mel, think about rooting around in snow drifts trying to grab some poop. The joys of dog ownership. 🙂


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