Fitness Friday: Step It Up!

I was pleased when I was able to renew the FitBit Zip that I borrowed from the library last month. It’s been keeping me motivated to walk as I try to increase intensity, beat my best day and rack up enough mileage to earn another virtual badge.

Last week, when I logged into my FitBit dashboard, I saw a banner ad for a challenge. I clicked through to discover that United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy issued a call to action to promote walking and make more walkable communities.  I signed up for his Step It Up USA! challenge which began on October 13 and lasts for two weeks.

If you have a FitBit device and are looking for a walking challenge, sign up today. I created a team, In Cynk. Feel free to join me or challenge me.

As of this writing, I’ve logged over 16,000 steps which equals over 220 city blocks. I’ll report on my final results in two weeks.


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