Sunday Slideshow: 2016 Farm Tour

The weather last Saturday surprised us. We were sure it was going to be cold and wet. Peter was convinced it would be too damp for us to spend the day making our rounds of the Ashland County Farm Bureau’s Drive-it-Yourself Tour. We had a list of errands planned for what we expected to be a rainy day.

But as we drove between stores, we noticed the sun was out and the temperatures were quite pleasant for exploring new places. We quickly changed our plans.

We visited four of the six tour stops, starting at the Audubon Wetlands Preserve before continuing to a family farm owned and operated by its sixth generation. Next we visited an 800-acre dairy farm that just opened it own creamery. After a stop for pancakes and bacon at Denny’s (Philip’s favorite restaurant), we checked out a 400-acre spread that gets 85% of its electricity from solar panels.

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