Hot Arnold Palmer

When I woke up with post-nasal drip burning my throat on Saturday morning, I decided to treat myself to a hot tea with honey. I brew my teabags in an enormous twenty-ounce mug. The oversized cup allows me room to either add a couple of ice cubes to avoid scorching my tongue or to pop in half a tray when I need a cold, refreshing drink in the summer.

This weekend, however, I really wanted the drink to stay warm. I wanted something to clear my sinuses and soothe my throat. Yet, I was also thirsty and wanted to drink my tea and honey right away.

Despite my sinus headache, I had a moment of inspiration. Remembering I had a pitcher of it in the fridge, I used cold lemonade to top off my hot mug of tea. The result was a warm version of an Arnold Palmera concoction I sipped throughout the weekend. I guess the beverage was on my mind since the late, great golfer passed away last week.

Thank you, Mr. Palmer, for sharing your drink with the world. I hope you don’t mind if I took some liberties with it. It made me feel much better.


5 thoughts on “Hot Arnold Palmer

  1. Sounds like a good idea, I should make a note of that – I like my coffee nuclear hot and I constantly have one of those annoying flaps on the roof of my mouth from where I’ve scorched the skin off! I hope your throat has improved. I’ve never found a really satisfying drink to help with a burning throat and end up popping the painkillers like mad.


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