Fitness Friday: FitBit Zip

My FitBit Zip is due tomorrow.

Okay, technically it isn’t mine. It’s the one I borrowed from the library. I renewed it after the first two-week loan period but I’m not sure if I can renew it again. If I can’t, I hope to borrow another one because I have discovered a new, healthy addiction.

I didn’t jump on the FitBit bandwagon right away. The Luddite in me, the one who refuses to upgrade to a smartphone, assumed that fitness trackers are for other people. I’ve been content using simple pedometers. In fact, I most recently used a free one I got as a sample from a vendor at work.

Earlier this month, however, while using the self-checkout at the library, I noticed a display with books on walking and hiking. At the top were several FitBit Zips. Since Philip was taking his time scanning his DVDs, I picked up one of the boxes just to look. I saw a label saying the devices had been donated by a local hospital. I also saw that the device was compatible with a desktop computer. I put the box back. I picked it up. I put it back. Philip was almost done checking out when I grabbed it one final time, scanned it and took it home to use.

I’ve really enjoyed what I perceive as better accuracy. I like how the rubberized clip stays on my clothes better than the cheap, slick plastic of the freebie pedometer. I like how I can wear it all of the time except when I bathe so I don’t have to worry about putting it on in the morning. I like how it not only shows my steps in fifteen-minute increments, it tracks the intensity.

I love watching the miles rack up, too. I thought it would take me forever to walk forty-one miles as part of my #powerof41 challenge but it turns out I can achieve that distance in just two weeks. Now I’m working on seeing if I can get to that distance in less time with more steps.

So, tomorrow I’ll find out if I get to keep MY FitBit Zip or if I’ll trade it in for a new one. The nice thing is that my profile and stats will stay the same even if I use a different device.

Do you use a fitness tracker? Why or why not? 

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: FitBit Zip

  1. Hey – I’ve used a Fitbit since they came out. I had the little one you have now and I kept it in my pocket and it did a great job recording my steps. About a month ago it just stopped working. Sigh…. so I went and got an upgraded model which gets charged rather than operates on a battery. Not sure it was worth the change, but I do like all the stuff it tells me so I am probably further addicted to the little device. I especially love it when it tells me “just 1435 steps to go to your goal!”. I’ve gone out at night just to do that little bit more! Silly, silly…..


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