A birthday and a blogiversary

Seven years ago today, Philip opened this present.

A gift from Rachael, Tess and Nate

My co-worker, Rachael, had bought the gift for Philip’s first birthday. I wrote about it and posted a picture as my first ever blog post.

Last week, Philip found one of the three musical toys from this package amid his collection in the basement. He enjoyed playing with it so much that he took it with him to his bath. He thought it was fun to watch it light up in the water. He giggled at how the sound began to distort. Then it stopped working. He left it on the shelf beside the tub and moved on to other toys.

After a few days, it dried out enough that the lights worked once more. Of course, Philip immediately submerged it in the bath again, so the flashing ceased. I confiscated it, removed the batteries and set it to dry once more. Today, I’ll put in two new AAs and give it back to him. Even though he’s eight, he still finds joy in the lights and sounds. That sounds like a great present.

Should I wrap it?

6 thoughts on “A birthday and a blogiversary

  1. Happy birthdays!! (Phillip and blog)
    Unwrapping things is [probably] always good – but that means you have something more to wrap up and that means more work, and time you could use hugging.. Your call 🙂


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