the new guy

A new employee started in my department today. It’s his first real job since graduating from college and completing an internship this spring. He told my boss that he was so nervous he couldn’t sleep. That’s why he arrived to work an hour early. Oh, and did I mentioned that, since he was awake, he baked an apple pie and brought it with him?

This guy’s a keeper.


10 thoughts on “the new guy

  1. That’s awesome! I still get nervous starting a new job, and I’ve done it multiple times in my 20 year career. I’ve never baked an apple pie though, but food certainly is one way to get people to open up a little.


  2. Wow. That’s pretty cool 🙂 And it’s amazing how different people are 🙂 I tend(ed, way back when) to not sleep because I was cooking, he cooks because he can’t sleep.. Can’t quite get my head around not being able to sleep….. Good kind of colleague to have around though 🙂

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