Fitness Friday: picking raspberries

A few weekends ago, I told Peter that Philip and I were going to buy groceries and visit the library. I decided to add a stop at an Amish produce stand before shopping at the store. It made sense to buy fresh and local first. That detour took us on a stretch of road I don’t usually travel. The words on one of those portable roadside signs with an arrow pointing left caught my eye:

Monday through Saturday
9 – 5

Since I never got to take Philip blueberry picking this year, I was excited at this find. The perky teenager managing the checkout tried to give me a flat of empty cartons. At $6.00 a pound, I requested just two containers.

After learning this was our first visit, she instructed me, “We ask that you start at the back and work your way forward.”

We trudged to the back where there were supposed to be more berries. It made sense. Of course, people will start by picking the first berries they see.

I looked for ripe berries. I noticed if you walked past a branch and then look back, hidden berries would appear. A change in perspective was all that was needed. I looked for the raspberries that were tender and the same shade of purple as a bruise. Those were the ones that fell into my hand at my touch.

Philip surprised me by holding the containers. At six bucks a pound, I didn’t dissuade him from sampling the product. By the time we finished, we both had red streaks staining our fingers.

After our hour at the berry patch, we finished up our errands. Peter said he was starting to worry about why we were gone so long. Once he saw the berries he understood our delay.

I wish I had a better photo of our bounty.


I froze half of our haul and we’ve munched on the rest. Raspberries are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber. I’ve been tossing them in my ice water for added flavor, too.

Have you gone berry picking? 

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: picking raspberries

  1. Man & Lady & monkey have own little raspberry patch in backyard what give many berry over season of growth. Man & Lady enjoy for breakfast raspberry + organic greek yogurt + banana + homemade muffin all in 1 bowl. now season of growing = over & it time again for prune raspberry cane for good crop next year. raspberry patch easy for start & most big problem = japanese beetle what love eat raspberry leaf. japanese beetle have trick of fall straight down off leaf when someone try squish them so Man develop technique what monkey share with cyn k in case she try grow own raspberry. Man 1/2 fill old yogurt container with soapy water & 1st hold under leaf with beetle. then he move finger toward beetle who think he pretty smart & escape by fall off leaf & fly away. but beetle fall instead into water & story over.


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