Labor Day Fun Day

Yesterday, our home owners association celebrated the Labor Day weekend with events at our community lodge. I took Philip to participate in the sidewalk chalk art contest.


Neither Philip nor I were interested in winning. The family of one girl kept commenting on her efforts. “I thought you were making a flower garden. What are you drawing now? No, just use the purple there.” I felt bad for her. I have no idea what prize the winner won but I can’t imagine it was worth that hassle.

Still, when Philip drew an arrow, pointed at it, said, “Play,” and then didn’t draw anything else, I was disappointed. I had imagined we would spend a little while at the event. Worried about how the more competitive parents would react, I opted not to draw along with Philip.

I realized that Philip was distracted by the chipping contest that was simultaneously being held on the nearby beach. We returned our chalk and sat down to watch golf balls fly. Philip grab a plastic bucket and shovel and played in the sand.


When Philip started throwing sand, I said, “Let’s go to the swings.” We stayed there until Philip got hot and sweaty.



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