Sunday Slideshow: “Me Too” playground

Looking for a way to enjoy the beautiful weather on a recent Sunday morning, I took Philip to a playground we had never visited before. Ryan’s ‘Me Too’ Playground opened last November. While it contains the usual assortment of slides, swings and things to climb on, it also provides accessible equipment for children of varying abilities.

While Philip does not have mobility issues, the playground meets his sensory needs. There are a variety of surfaces and textures to climb, crawl and slide on. There were things to spin, turn and touch.

Philip could have stayed for longer if the sun hadn’t begun blazing down on us. It’s safe to say that we are both looking forward to another beautiful Sunday morning trip to this playground.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: “Me Too” playground

  1. Playgrounds when I was growing up were anything but accessible to anyone with mobility or sensory issues. I love to see that newer playgrounds are taking all children into consideration. That looks like a cool place to hang out and wish I had something like that near my house.


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