Fitness Friday: Olympic inspiration

The opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held tonight. We haven’t watched network TV since the digital transition began in 2009 so I won’t be watching the games.

I was remembering summer games of the past, however, as I swam in our community pool the other night. I was wondering what I look like from above. It’s hard to appear graceful and sleek while dodging pool noodles and toddlers sporting floaties. Plus, I’m no Michael Phelps. My form, never swim-team-worthy, has gotten rusty over the years. I get distracted trying to keep an eye on Philip. I flail to a gasping stop at the pool edge since I’ve lost my ability to do an underwater turn. No need to time me down to 1/100 of a second either.

But does that matter? No. I can still find inspiration in medal-worthy athletes. I won’t spend hours training as they do but I can emulate their commitment to consistency. I may never be a record-breaker, but I can still strive to improve my own speed and endurance. I can learn to set goals. I can schedule exercise into my day. I may never beat these athletes but I can beat myself. I can become better, fitter and healthier with each stroke.


Will you watch any of the 2016 Summer Olympics? What is your favorite sport to watch? Which athlete inspires you? 

2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Olympic inspiration

  1. I cut cable months ago and the cable company finally caught up to me with the tv anywhere account. I’ll be watching highlights of swimming though online, streaming through a Roku of course.


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