bargain hunter

While cleaning in the office, a slip of paper from a fortune cookie fell onto the floor. It read:

A bargain is not a bargain unless you can use the product.

Now this is some advice I need to take to heart.


Have you bought something on sale that remains unused?

12 thoughts on “bargain hunter

  1. Absolutely! You’re not saving money if you buy something on sale, if you wouldn’t have bought it anyway full price. I know this in theory. I need to put it 100% into practice. At the moment I’m getting all sorts of travel deals in my inbox, and getting the urge to travel places I wouldn’t have chosen to otherwise, simply because of the good prices. I need to tell myself that these are not bargains!


  2. I wish my grandmother were still alive so I could call her and tell her that one. She loved to use coupons… for things that we didn’t really use.


  3. My toothbrush. Only kidding! Mangoes. Every.single.time. They’re pretty and smell nice and then they rot and stink in 14 seconds while my back is turned. What’s up with that?


  4. Oh yes! I am terrible at getting coupons and then feeling like I MUST USE THE COUPON. Granted, usually they’re bookstore coupons and books don’t expire… but a 20% off coupon still has you spending 80% on a book you could have waited to buy (or could have got from the library). That doesn’t exactly count because I will get to the books eventually, but I don’t really buy other stuff because it’s on sale and then don’t use it. I’m pretty good about that.


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