If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may have noticed that my Sunday Slideshows have disappeared. I took Philip to the park last Sunday but I never got around to uploading the photos that I took. Last week, I went to Cub Scout Day Camp with Philip and took pictures. I didn’t get around to assembling those for a post yesterday either.

I added Sunday Slideshows as a weekly feature back in July of 2013. I posted every week until April of this year. For over one hundred weeks in a row, you could find a slideshow on my blog. Then I gave myself permission to skip a week.

Of course, after I skipped one week and it was okay to skip another. Suddenly, I lost that anchor. I miss it. I miss having a self-imposed deadline for getting something on my blog. I miss having an excuse to take the camera out and look for things I can photograph.

Today marks the 100th installment of Microblog Mondays, hosted by Mel over at Stirrup Queens. She challenged her readers to commit to posting for the next 100 Mondays. The beauty of her link up is that bloggers don’t have to write tons of words to participate. In fact, pithiness is encouraged. I’m going to accept her challenge. In addition to my Fitness Friday posts, I’m going to publish something every Monday until Mel announces that Microblog Mondays is turning 200. And then, if I’ve run out of things to write, I will stop.


6 thoughts on “100

  1. Having an anchor (or three) is the thing that finally got me blogging on a consistent basis. I’d already decided to do “Musing Mondays” on my blog when I stumbled across Mel’s much superior #MicroblogMondays – I don’t doubt you’ll find yourself far exceeding the 100 mark. 😀


  2. Oh! Now I’m going to misnumber them and stop counting 🙂

    I agree with you. It’s why I always do the Roundup, even after 10 years. I know if I skip it that I will give myself permission to do it over and over again.


    1. There was a great @BlogHer Twitter chat about series & features that actually prompted me to stop the slideshows. I was scrambling to find something to post and realized that I wasn’t really doing a service to myself or my readers by slapping things together just so I could maintain a streak. Someone remarked that you have to know when a feature has run its course. I will still post pictures on Sundays but I won’t get hung up on doing it every week.
      Microblogging is a great way to create both consistency and content worthy of being published. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your link-up. No cheating on the numbering!


  3. I love the pithiness of Microblog Mondays, and the self-imposed discipline. And if you run out of ideas, you can always do the Sunday slideshow idea as part of a Microblog Monday post!


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