Fitness Friday: just keep swimming

Philip and I have gone to the pool every day for the past week. The forecasted thunderstorms either waited until after closing or never materialized. Except for our ill-timed visit on Sunday when a dozen boys (at least – It felt like there were thirty) arrived for a birthday pool party right after us, the water has been uncrowded and I’ve been able to swim.

I took swimming lessons at the local YMCA when I was a kid so I know several basic strokes. While I’ve retained the motor memory, I’ve lost the endurance over the past few decades.

I prefer the breaststroke since my head is above water enough that I can keep an eye on Philip whenever I’m swimming his way but I decided to try out the good old front crawl this past week. I ended up spluttering with a mouthful of water on my first attempt and realized that my coordination needs some practice.

Even when I managed to breathe above water, I noticed I was winded just swimming half a pool length. I wasn’t the most physically fit kid but I remember swimming laps the full length of the pool complete with an underwater flip turn without pause. My goal this summer is to swim for longer stretches without feeling tired. I don’t want to say, “I’ll swim five minutes straight” because I never know when Philip is going to grab my leg or when a girl with a pool noodle is going to float into my path. Still, I’ll have to find a way to measure “longer” so that I can report back here.

The more swimming I do, the more that Philip wants to learn. He grabs my hands to hold him so he can practice kicking. He urges me to pull him through the water. I love that I am being a better fitness role model each time we go to the pool.


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