Fitness Friday: no skipping breakfast

I always have big ambitions for weekend mornings. I think about how I will finally take a nice long walks with the dog. Afterward, I will make myself a healthy breakfast: maybe oatmeal with dates or an omelet with spinach and salsa. I always figure I will have plenty of time to assemble a healthy meal.

And then, Saturday morning rolls around. I want to sleep in. Or I get up and think, I have all the time in the world! I take a lengthy walk with the dog and then wait to pour a bowl of cereal or toast a bagel. No hurry, right? Wrong! Suddenly, Peter wants to go somewhere. I hustle to get dressed, brush my hair, feed Philip yet I never get around to making myself breakfast. Hours later I will discover I’m hungry and grouchy. I want to eat EVERYTHING!

And that’s just the weekend. Let’s not forget how I rush around weekday mornings getting Philip ready for school and myself for work. I think I’ll save time by skipping breakfast but I regret it by mid-morning. That’s if I don’t cave in during my commute and grab fast food. Otherwise, I scavenge snacks from my lunch and end up eating all the things later in the day.

Google “why you should eat breakfast” and you’ll get results for articles listing anywhere from four to nine reasons why you should never skip breakfast. I’ve read these before, so I understand that I kick start my metabolism. That’s great, but I don’t need a scientist to tell me what my body screams out: “Hey, I’m starving here! Shovel in as many calories as you can.” I’m not doing myself any favors when I miss that first meal of the day.

Making time for breakfast doesn’t start in the morning. It starts when I go grocery shopping. I remind myself to stock up on foods that are quick and easy to prepare. It starts on Sunday afternoon when I scramble up a three-day supply of eggs that can be reheated for a grab and go meal. It starts at night when I’m waiting for Philip to fall asleep, so I pack my lunch then instead of trying to do it in the morning. What I have discovered is that, if I do these steps, it is just as fast to make breakfast at home as it is to stop at McDonald’s on the way to work. And cheaper!

I have today off of work. I was tempted to wait on breakfast but I remembered how I wrote that long list of errands. I realized that I would laze around the house then panic, realizing I have to get all of that stuff done before Philip gets home from school. I ate breakfast and was ready for the day.

Do you eat breakfast every day? What do you munch on in the morning? 


7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: no skipping breakfast

  1. Yes to breakfast! I make myself and hubby a green smoothie in the morning, then after everyone is out of the house & I’ve done my yoga, I make myself a relaxed meal (usually eggs, but definitely something protein). I know I’m lucky to have such a leisurely schedule…

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    1. I have not joined the smoothie kick. I got a personal blender free and it is the worst thing ever. I haven’t bothered to invest in a better one in order to make smoothies a reality in my home.

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  2. I’ve been buying those bagel thin – , make scrambled eggs in the microwave, add a slice of Canadian bacon sometimes, a little ultra thin cheese (and green chili) and make six st a time. Wrap and freeze. Grab and go…and I only dirty the dishes to make them once rather than six times. Reheat in microwave one to one and a half minutes. Tom even likes them!!


  3. I must eat breakfast and have always wondered about those who are able to skip it. They might as well have been tightroping across Niagra Falls, it seemed such an impossible task for me. I keep things around that i can grab quickly though. I don’t like full on cooking in the wee hours.

    Your big ambitions for weekends made me chuckle. Me too, me too. 🙂

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  4. try overnight oats! make your oats with whatever ingredients you like at night, then it’s all ready to eat the next morning. Just grab and go 🙂
    For example, I make mine with a banana, almonds, flax seed, cinnamon & almond milk 🙂


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