my day is complete

Today is commencement at the college where I work. As I walked to my office this morning, I saw a man wearing a kilt. I smiled and thought, My day is complete. Then I frowned because, if your day is complete before 8:30 am, what’s the point?

What would complete your day?


23 thoughts on “my day is complete

  1. I saw a man in a kilt myself recently. In Kentucky. At a gas station. It was the day of the Kentucky Derby, and there was also a large bus of Derby attendees with the guys in bowties and the ladies in big hats. I don’t know if the kilted gentleman was going to the Derby as well. I may never know…

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    1. Different days bring different things, but today seems to be Hot Man Monday. I was driving home, singing along to “the Irish Rover”, and stopped at a red light. A shirtless, muscular man lightly sheened with sweat started across the crosswalk, paused to stare, and then smiled and gave me a wink before jogging on. Whew! That made my day.

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  2. lol @ the bathroom questions. Sorry!
    My 2nd grader decided he wanted to dress up for school today – just a random tuesday – so he went in a blue button up shirt and a bow tie. Maybe he’ll make someones day šŸ™‚

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  3. I once walked past a street musician violinist, and once I passed she stopped her song and started playing The Legend of Zelda’s theme song. I felt like the song was just for me. I tipped and felt my day was complete.

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