Fitness Friday: drinking games

Let’s play a drinking game! Sorry, you won’t get drunk from this game but you will hopefully increase your water intake for the day.

My best friend and I were both lamenting earlier this week that we had been slacking on our healthy habits. She suggested that we focus on drinking water. We challenged each other to drink three eighteen-ounce bottles.

We reported our progress throughout the day via Facebook. As I worked on my second bottle, she said she still needed to finish her first.

“You need to play a drinking game,” I wrote. “Like, every time you see Donald Trump mentioned on the news, take a drink!”

To stay productive AND hydrated, she opted to take a sip every time she received an email, text alert, or instant message. It helped her reach for goal for the day.

So, my challenge to you is to make up your own (water) drinking game. Yesterday, my coworkers would have been floating if they had taken a drink of water every time I swore. (Just ask Sarah.)

Maybe your boss has a phrase he says all the time. Use it as a cue to take a drink. Every time a commercial comes on the TV, take a sip. Did you finish sending a text? Drink up! Who said that building healthy habits can’t be fun?

I know you are a creative bunch. Share your drinking game ideas in the comments!

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