to be alone

We want to be alone, our bodies say
in silent signals sent throughout the day
We cross our arms, sit buffered by thick books
then telegraph our wish with dirty looks:
We need this sacred space, please go away.

With solitude, our kin, we’d rather stay
You flit between large flocks to chirp and play
We nest, content, in calm and cozy nooks
We want to be alone.

We hide to keep your boisterous lives at bay
all loud and proud and flaunted on display
We’re placid lakes, you’re gushing, babbling brooks
We’re cooing mourning doves, you’re cawing rooks
Fulfilled by inner lives we won’t betray
our need to be alone.

A rondeau for the yeah write May poetry slam 

13 thoughts on “to be alone

    1. Glad it looked easy. The original version was in iambic tetrameter but I needed to add a foot to every line to really get the images I wanted. It was like putting together a puzzle.


  1. The water and bird metaphors hit it home for me. My group of friends tease me because they know not to plan anything on Saturday mornings and afternoons. I block that time out for myself because I have the house to myself (my partner’s at work). I could easily send this to them as a justification.


    1. I miss the days when I could plan on having the house to myself. I want to go back to 20-something-year-old me and smack her for feeling lonely in a one-bedroom apartment. She didn’t know how good she had it!!

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